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Fashion stylist and brand copywriter based in Portland, OR. 

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Hi there! I am a copywriter who strives to find beauty, comedy, and levity in the everyday. I believe that writing is a vehicle for healing and pure expression. 

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Blog Copy Samples

My copy work for the apparel brand wool&, writing and designing for their online Journal.

Why Merino Wool Beats Cotton — wool&

Wool regulates your temperature like no other material.

Among outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll often hear the phrase: “cotton kills.” After harrowing hypothermic experiences due to wearing cotton, the gear-obsessed outdoor community has put their trust in wool base layers (if you've switched from cotton socks to wool socks, you know exactly what we're talking about). The problem with cotton is that it readily absorbs moisture and releases that moisture very slowly, which in turn pulls precious warmt

How to care for your dress — wool&

Machine wash cold, with like colors, on gentle cycle. Line dry.

To maximize the life of your GARMENT, we recommend:
• None Hang your item in a well ventilated area when not in use.
• None Washing your garment as little as possible. If you notice any area starts to smell, wet with warm water and hang to dry overnight.
• None Wearing only deodorant, not aluminum-based anti-perspirant. Anti-perspirant deodorant combined with sweat can create armpit stains and can make odor difficult to remove from

Alaska Wild — wool&

I had just slid the freshly gutted salmon into a black plastic bag when I looked up and glimpsed at the grizzly bear looking into my eyes just 40 feet away. In my hands, the black bag held his greatest desire and my heart raced as I yelled out firmly, “go bear, get out of here.” The scent of the Sockeye salmon was as strong as his innate urge, he moved slowly forward dropping into the thigh deep water between us. I continued to call out at him while simultaneously thinking about my best strategy

Exploring the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in wool& — wool&

Wool is a powerful fabric for outdoor activities— it regulates temperature so you can wear wool on hot, dry summer climbs and on snowy treks in the winter. The wool& bike shorts and leggings were designed as layering pieces to be worn under dresses and tunics, but I wanted to put them to the test and see how they held up in the craggy granite peaks of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I grew up in Leavenworth, a small Bavarian-themed mountain town in Central Washington with easy access to the Central

Our Merino Manifesto — wool&

We first started with one simple merino dress (The Rowena Swing Dress), but in the process, our company has become much more than that. Our manifesto is a culmination of our collective values, commitments, and dreams that we have put into action. We often say live simply, do good, and consume carefully. Read more about what’s behind these values.
• None Thoughtfully Innovative. We create products that honor the woman choosing to live her life with less. We know and love all of the benefits of me

The Super Bloom Spectacle — wool&

Every year people from all over the world flock to one of many “super blooms” in California, when a blanket of wildflowers covers many areas of the state. Each region has its respective peak months, but the prime time to go tends to be between March and early April. The vibrancy of the super bloom is dependent on plentiful winter rainfall, and with recent droughts in California, not every year has presented the same spectacle of blooms. Last March, I took a trip to Los Angeles and Joshua Tree wi

Email Marketing Copy Samples

My copy work with apparel brands wool& and Wool&Prince being their Lead Copywriter for email marketing.

My copy work with apparel brands wool& and Wool&Prince being their Lead Copywriter for product copy.

Product Copy Samples

Midweight Baselayer Legging - Black

My midweight baselayer leggings arrived the day before Mother Nature dropped 50" of snow in 48 hours across South Central Alaska. With a dumping like that even Alaskan schools take a snow day, so my regular duties as School Resource Officer were shifted to patrolling snowy roads for stranded motorists.

Now one thing we northerners excel at is layering for outdoor activities. Therefore, I augmented my regular uniform with these leggings underneath and was very pleased with the result. The 10% sp

Stretch Canvas Pant - Castlerock

The positive: I’ve had these pants for about a month now and they look and feel great. Honestly, these are the best pants I own in terms of comfort and style. I’ve worn them pretty much every day since they arrived and they don’t have any noticeable odor so far and look like new for the most part.

The negative: I bike to work everyday and normally wear a pair of sweatpants, which I’ve been riding with for a few year now with no issues. I decided to try riding in my wool and prince pants startin

Rita Merino Wool Ponte Pencil Skirt - Marine Blue

I love it! It's so, so comfortable, more so than any other pencil skirt I've owned in my life. (It's been a solid 15 years since I wore a pencil skirt, back when I worked a job that required more formal work events.) But I could totally see wearing this one fairly often. It's stretchy + wool + layers easily so for me that equals a win.

Fits true to the size guide. I am wearing the size that I measure on the guide.

The ponte fabric is luxurious, and it has a stylish slit and seam up the skirt t

Hilltop Wool Fleece Jacket - Chestnut

Fleecy Hug This jacket is a joy to wear. Stand alone or as a layer over or under, the color fit and function are fantastic. The pockets are large and do zip, arm length is perfect, thickness is not bulky but not thin.

The feel is not as "soft" as synthetic fleece yet this is not a negative as I truly appreciate the recycled sustainability.

There are two things that might make this product even better, an inside pocket and thumb holes. My husband would love a men's with a hoodie, but the hood